Friends of Mount Manresa

About Us


President, Jack Bolembach
Vice President, Caroline Salerno Labita
Treasurer, Rose Bartelli
Secretary, Janet McKee

The Friends of Mount Manresa Park is a 501c3 organization formed in July 2015.  Our association was created to educate  Staten Island on the issues of overdevelopment, which were brought to light with the sale of Mount Manresa from the Jesuits to the Savo Brothers in April 2013.

We hope to continue to educate and support other communities to learn about zoning, overdevelopment, the building department and city planning and reaching out to their elected officials.

This association is successfully running with financial support and the participation of our fellow Staten Islanders.   We ask that you please continue to support this organization with tax deductible donations so we can move forward with our missions and goals.

While Mount Manresa is not the way we love to remember it anymore, we will never forget the trees and the spirits that inspired us to never give up and expose the truth about what happened at Mount Manresa.